Information Literacy and Essential Skills

Fusion of Literacies Identified as
Information Literacy
Skills Identified as Being Essential for
21st Century Success
Functional & basic literacy
Basic literacy skills
Traditional information literacy
Information skills
Emotional literacy
Critical literacy (problem-solving & ethics)
Critical thinking skills
Ethical thinking skills
Media literacy
Multi-modal or multi-media literacy
Multimedia skills
Creativity and innovation skills
Technology literacy
Technology skills
Global literacy
Collaboration and teamwork skills
Life-long learning
Skills for lifelong learning
Note. Adapted from Appendix B: Essential 21st Century Skills Identified in the Literature and AASL (2007), Asselin et al. (2005), Branch and Oberg (2001), Breivik (2005), Hamilton (2009), Hay and Todd (2010), Langford (1998 & 2007), Leu et al. (2007), McPherson (2008) and Oberg (2004).