Selected Professional Resources for Teacher-Librarians

Selected Articles

Asselin, M., & Doiron, R. (2008). Towards a transformative pedagogy for school libraries 2.0.
School Libraries Worldwide, 14(2), 1-18. Retrieved from

Ekdahl, M. (2010). The points about inquiry, and there are many. In C. Koechlin (Ed.),
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emergence of the learning commons. Toronto, Canada: Ontario Library Association

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Selected Books

Alberta Learning. (2004). Focus on inquiry: A teacher’s guide to implementing inquiry-based
learning. Edmonton, Canada: Author.
Alberta’s inquiry document. Find it online here:

Palfrey, J., & Gasser, U. (2008). Born digital: Understanding the first generation of digital
natives. New York, NY: Basic Books.
See a description of this book on the publisher’s website here:

Tapscott, D. (2009). Grown up digital: how the net generation is changing your world. New
York, NY: McGraw Hill.
See a description of this book on the author’s website here:

Trilling, B., & Fadel, C. (2009). 21st century skills: Learning for life in our times. San Francisco,
CA: Jossey-Bass.
See a description of the book and find additional resources on the 21st Century Skills website here:

Selected Professional Journals

School Library Journal:
VOYA (Voices of Youth Advocates):
School Libraries Worldwide:
School Libraries in Canada:
School Library Media Research: