Hello and Welcome!

This wiki was created for two reasons:

1. So that I could post the capping paper I wrote as part of my MEd in Elementary Education with a specialization in teacher-librarianship.

2. So that I could encourage other teacher-librarians to continue the conversation I have started in this paper and hopefully expand on what it means to be an essential teacher-librarian, i.e. a 21st century teacher-librarian teaching essential 21st century information literacy skills to 21st century learners.

On the following pages you will find my capping paper as submitted for my MEd to the University of Alberta. You will notice that the pages on which each section of my capping paper are locked from editing. This is simply so that my work remains unchanged and my own. However I encourage discussion and comments through the use of the DISCUSSION tabs on each page. Please feel free to comment, criticize, cheer, add to, or dispute anything I have written.

As the discussion evolves I will most likely add more pages that are open to editing so that we can collectively define "The Essential Teacher-Librarian."

To that end I hope you will help build this site by providing both content and discussions on any of the following:
  • your thoughts about what defines an "Essential Teacher-Librarian,"
  • links to exceptional professional and scholarly articles, websites, blogs etc. that support (or dispute!) what is on this site,
  • your ideas about the various roles of teacher-librarians,
  • your feelings about the work you do,
  • and your knowledge of what it means to teach 21st century learners.

Your opinions and personal experiences are very important for this discussion so please join the conversation!