Learning Information Literacy Skills
Research with Students
Becoming a Teacher-Librarian
The Literacy with ICT Continuum
What is Our Role?


Redefining Information Literacy for the 21st Century
Information in the 21st Century
Literacy in the 21st Century
Information Literacy in the 21st Century
Unique Learners and Essential Skills
21st Century Learners
The Needs of 21st Century Learners
Essential 21st Century Skills
Teaching Information Literacy in the 21st Century
What is Inquiry?
Guided Inquiry, Information Literacy and 21st Century Skills
What is the Role of the 21st Century Teacher-Librarian?
Teacher-Librarian as Instructional Leader
Teacher-Librarian as Expert on Inquiry and Information Literacy
Teacher-Librarian as Professional LeaderSummary


Initial ThoughtsThe Manitoba ContextThe Literacy with ICT Continuum in Manitoba Curriculum
Implications of the Literature Review
Implications for Teacher-Librarian Scholarship in Manitoba
Implications for Curriculum Development in Manitoba
Implications for Teacher Education Programs in Manitoba
Implications for Manitoba School Divisions
Implications for Teacher-Librarians in Manitoba
Implications for the Manitoba School Library Association
Final Thought



Appendix A: Characteristics of 21st Century Learners
Appendix B: Essential 21st Century Skills Identified in the Literature
Appendix C: 21st Century Frameworks and Skills
Appendix D: Inquiry Models in Canada
Appendix E: Information Literacy and Essential Skills
Appendix F: Selected Professional Resources for Teacher-Librarians